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Shake your Shakti!!!

Latin Diosa Yoga is sexy... hot... sweaty... sensual... tribal... powerful... and through movement and flow you connect with your body positivity... your pleasure... your desires... your prosperity... your joy... your success... your self celebration... your self love... your abundance... your creativity... your intuition... and your worthiness!

Latin Diosa Yoga is all about igniting Shakti - the powerful feminine energy that can transform every aspect of your life

Are you ready to put your needs and desires first?
Are you ready to shake bon bon and get tribal?
Are you ready to sweat, flow and get empowered to the rhythm of a sexy Latin Diosa?

Are you ready to learn how to cultivate the connection between your sensuality and your creativity? Your pleasure and your power? Your self love and your freedom? Your gratitude and your joy?
Do you have a mindset of prosperity and success or a mindset of scarcity, fear and limitation? Do your thoughts, feelings and actions hold you back or set you free towards your dreams? Do you believe in your own worthiness?

Come discover the connection between your divine feminine energy and the Hindu Goddesses of Yoga Shakti, Lakshmi and Durga.

Come ready to shake your soul and set yourself up with tools and practices to start creating the life of your wildest dreams

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