When Bram Levinson found yoga in the late 1990s, he knew he had found his path. His first teacher was Joan Ruvinsky (who had worked with Richard Miller to create iREST). “I was inspired, explored Hindu mythology, different disciplines of More
One of the persistent themes we’ve addressed on yogamontreal since beginning in 2002 is eclectic practice: the approach to yoga that goes to many teachers, many different systems. I recently had the opportunity to interview Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the guru who heads the vast More
How do you learn what is happening to the body during yoga postures? In recent years a flurry of new books has come out to help yoga teachers and students understand and visualize the dynamics and effects of each yoga posture. Perhaps the clearest and More
Too many names of god, Cosmologies divergent! Still, in this thing convergent: I Say it’s so. Too many names and tales! Enough to say I am. And be convincing. The universe So vast to know No certainty is true It's ours to sail across the sea of stars to know it better It's ours to peel our selves away Till I am is enough And More
Wherein your fearless webmaster chases logic into swampy waters, searching for new answers to a suddenly more pertinent question. “--- , Otherwise, it’s just gym” is a phrase heard too often in the mouths of yoga teachers. Presumably yoga class is higher and better than the More
Mary Dunlop offers this post on the subject of finding your yoga studio and teacher. Finding the Right Yoga Studio I wish to stress the importance of finding the right studio for someone wishing to begin, or continue, a Yoga practice. When I first started doing Yoga (approximately More
An insightful documentary film about yoga was released this month, in London, England. Guru: A Documentary by Robert Wilkins, was released at a gala premiere on March 5, attended by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of the Ashtanga yoga system ("If we practise yoga More
Hatha yogins in India developed an amazing system to develop the physical body. Some of them posited the unfashionable notion that getting to know the body you are in could be a valuable step in the path of self-realization. Today, many see their path is through More
A swirling line of words Rises up to heaven. Then, caught in the planet's spin It moves move from outside in, Trying to describe Silence. Like a hurricane With a mighty name That ends as water Down the drain, I am The eye Of that storm. More
Which dwells within: Greater art thou than any name That we could name. Grant us this day The things we need And open our hearts To the needs of others. Help us accept our limitations; Even as we strive to overcome them. Let our way be lit by truth, Our actions spring from love, And our More
At her reading (for the lecture series of the Ram Dass library), Sharon Salzberg read from her latest book, called "Faith". Earlier,in the bookstore, I had instinctively recoiled from it when I saw the title, and moved along smoothly to her earlier work, "Loving Kindness," More
In the end, only the soul matters. Along the way, the soul may be glimpsed, as in art and music, as in falling in love. It may be pursued through many different practices, nurtured through loving kindness. But even if we have lost sight of the More